Matt Savitsky


The Pleasure Ground was exhibited at Cloaca Project in San Fransisco in 2019. The show contains two video installations I conceived in 2018 while on a self-created residency in my hometown (Lancaster, Pennsylvania).

Crop Circles and Turn Bridge (2019) construct viewpoints by way of a fixed configuration between a sculptural element to a single camera. In both video images a disconcerting interplay of figure and ground is produced by the movement of each sculptural device relative to the camera’s position, which turns each in a continuous 360 degree rotation. Before becoming video objects, the images prompt a deconstruction of their viewpoint into a relationship defined by the coexistence of subject, object, and support.

This project directly references the mutual implication of the view and viewer on the level of form created by Richard Serra’s in his film, Railroad Turn Bridge (1976). I borrowed the spinning bridge/viewfinder as a form through which to reframe the agricultural landscape I’d originally depicted through painting.


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