Matt Savitsky


California State University, Northridge, October 28th – December 7th, 2019

HOUSE of FEAR is a highly collaborative exhibition that brought together TFRC with student artists and actors, who worked together to visualize their fears into built environments and live performances.

Participants were interviewed and characters created based on each individual narrative. The characters were developed in conjunction with the spatial and material elements of the exhibition, allowing for the show’s continual evolution until the culminating performances.


Mika Castenadas

Tirsa Delate

Lauren Moradi

Riley Vojdani


The Family Room Collective is Todd Moellenberg, Sylke Rene Meyer, and Matt Savitsky. TFRC is a Los Angeles based queer performing artist group formed in 2018. The group utilizes interpersonal investigations and group dynamics to expand the idea of participatory performance art into the realm of everyday life. TFRC practices include language games, spatial story design, model/doll making, and improv theatre to ground the indeterminate nature of responding to the output of its participants.

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