Matt Savitsky


Presented at California State University, Los Angeles, 2018

Conceived by: Sylke Rene Meyer

Collaborators: Todd Moellenberg and Matt Savitsky

Featuring Benjamin Boatright.

Strange Loops is an improv-based theatre production performance concerning the relationship with our mothers. Performed over two days, the piece included live music and 24 Undergraduate and Graduate students in theatre creating original material.

Directed by Sylke Rene Meyer

Music by Gabriel Almazan

Photography by Shixin Liang

Video documentation: Kimberli Meyer

Light: DaTrice Hamilton

Sound: Jessie Reynolds

Players: Jocelyn Acosta, Paola Angarita, Brian Arechiga, Dennis Bautista, Cassandra Britton, Joseph Caldera, Jaylene Cesena, Angelica Contreras, Casey Cuellar, Adam Ferguson, Paul Flores, Dane Gbrayes, Bryan Ha, Jess Jones, Anthony Karambelas, Luciana Di Laura, Jeremy Leochner, Maritza Leon, Emmanuelle Love, Dan Myroradov, Kevin Perez, Giselle Rios, Brenda Robles, Axel Star, Matt Stepan

Supported by the Puffin Foundation, and the RSCA grant of California State University Los Angeles.


The Family Room Collective is Todd Moellenberg, Sylke Rene Meyer, and Matt Savitsky. TFRC is a Los Angeles based queer performing artist group formed in 2018. The group utilizes interpersonal investigations and group dynamics to expand the idea of participatory performance art into the realm of everyday life. TFRC practices include language games, spatial story design, model/doll making, and improv theatre to ground the indeterminate nature of responding to the output of its participants.

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